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September 18, 2009

Hates pretention in reality, but pretended to hide real love

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It happened the day before I left. I went to bed late at night after 12.00, but still I could not sleep. I was recalling my memories of this summer vacation, memories started to dominate me. I had no way than surrendering to those thoughts. Tears automatically rolled down from my eyes, I could not resist… I was travelling through my memories to the places where I was with my bestfriends, friends, familiar faces….etc. Before I finish the journey, another thought triggered that I’m going to miss them all so badly. Again the ever striking question arose “Do I have to leave these people and the place whom I love and belong to in the name of education?” As usual there wasn’t any exact answer through which I could convince myself. Lost myself within memories and thoughts, I fell asleep (I don’t know the exact time). I guess it was around four o’clock somebody embraced me very warmly and tightly ,and shedding tears. I could feel the warmth of those tears in my eyelids. I knew who the person was ,but still closed my eyes even tightly than previously and pretended to be in a deep sleep. I could hear her weeping, “You’ll be gone by tomorrow.” I said within myself ‘yes, I know I’ll be gone, I’m born to go like every human. I’m not the one directing my life to go on a certain path. It is the god himself directing me to go hither and thither. Yes I know I’m going to miss my beloved ones and going to live in a strange world where I don’t belong to anyone except myself .But I hoped this departure will create an unbreakable bond and give me endless moments of enjoyment with my family when it comes to its end. I have one specific and inevitable purpose for my journey. I did not open my eyes, thinking if I open my eyes I will lose the courage to go. It’s because I know if my eyes met my mother’s crying eyes, I could not hide the love that I have for her and stop myself departing from her………………… I guess during that time my mother might be thinking that I was really in a deep sleep, forgot about everything that happened to me during the vacation or I do not care about the love that everyone in my family has for me. But I knew how much all they care for me and how I love and yearn to be with them.
My life seems a paradox to me that though I have a big, loving family, I have to be alone that is my fate.


First piece in this blog : dedicated to my ever loving best friend, my dad…………..

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I have heard behind everyman’s there is a woman, but I never heard behind a woman’s success there also can be a man. However, this has come true in my life. Behind all my successes and achievement, remarkably there is only one person “MY DAD.” My best friends, friends, teachers even I, myself can be skepticalabout my abilities. But, he is the one who believes in my aptitude and always encourage me just to go ahead. I do not know how I can repay him for the love and faith that he has on me……………
All I want in my life is to be your adorable daughter and keep you smiling. I’m proud of only one thing that I’m your daughter and will be grateful to god for that……………..

Hello world!

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